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‘Fen’damentals of Fenworks

Fenworks’ school programs follow three distinct pillars: Curriculum, Competition, and Coaching. These pillars are designed to simplify the school’s work while providing the most fun to students.


Fenworks is a accredited company that provides programming for a safe, inclusive, and fun environment for students K-12. Fenworks’ content supports students in both competitive esports and drones settings to give them life long applicable skills in leadership, teamwork, and problem solving.

After school activities that are personalized to students skills, have been proven to create more engagement and a higher GPA. The supporting content that Fenworks focuses on includes physical health and mental wellness, cyber security, advanced and emerging technologies, and so much more.


Fenworks facilitates local competitions and scrimmages between schools for a chance to attend a state championship. Skill-based matchmaking is used to ensure equally skilled competitors for competitive and engaging matches.

Learning how to win AND lose graciously in life is a fundamental part of childhood that impacts learners their whole lives through. Competition helps learners improve their skill and awareness. Fenworks knows the importance of this in sports and is driven by the understanding that to ‘keep it local,’ provides the opportunity to have healthy rivalries and build relationships that last a lifetime


Fenworks provides video game coaching services throughout the duration of the program. Coaches are sourced from the top 5% to .01% of players in their respective titles. They can perform 1-on-1 gameplay analysis or review whole team gameplay.

A coach that can hear and see what’s holding you back to help you strategize and learn how to move through it is invaluable. Fenworks employs coaches that are at the top of their game title so you can make your way to the top too.

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