Fenworks is an esports provider company that is using esports to further engage students in their learning. We are dedicated to helping schools continue to become more and more innovative by implementing esports programs within them. Our programs are strategically planned out to ensure that your students are learning and growing at the perfect pace. 


Here at Fenworks, we know that video games are surrounded by such stigma. People tend to make insinuations about the sport before they learn the benefits that it is providing to kids all around the world. We are committed to breaking down these barriers by utilizing kids' passion of video games in a way that helps them become successful.




The curriculum is the combination of education and gaming focusing on bettering players in game and also academically. The coaches themselves are going to be within the top ten to one percent of all players within their respective titles while also making quality content that is checked by our team of editors for quality control so that the students only get when it comes to video content. 



Competitions are going to be held in a regular season format where matches for each game title will be played once a week, and that all culminates into an end of season state tournament where the best varsity teams from each game title will be given an opportunity to compete for a state championship.



Our coaches are within the top five to one percent of all players in their respective titles, and have spent an extensive amount of time playing the game that they are best at. Our coaches are expected to cater to each individual player's skill and help improve their gameplay by providing 1-on-1 and team coaching for players who are looking to improve themselves or their team.

Okay- so now you know a little more about what we do and how we do it, but what makes Fenworks different from the other guys? Well, besides our charm and good looks, we have designed our program with YOU and YOUR STUDENTS in mind. You're not a client to us. You're family. We want to see your kids to learn and grow from our program, not just play video games.

With that being said, there are three things that our program packages include to ensure that you and your school are going to be successful. 


Is hiring a coach one of the reasons that you're hesitant to start an esports program? No worries- Fenworks has you covered. With one of our programs, you will receive an appointed coach to teach your kiddos everything that you need to know!


On top of a talented coach, we provide each program with unique curriculum. This curriculum was developed in-house by our talented staff. It was also field tested during our 2021 pilot programs. Surveys from students proved to yield great results!


Data collection is our favorite feature! One of the most important aspects of our programs is that we are giving students the best experiences possible. That's why we conduct a series of surveys throughout the semester to see how we can improve!


We just finished up running our 2021 pilot program, and the data is AWESOME. Click below to view some of our favorite data points and testimonials!


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