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The players are just as important as the game.

Here at Fenworks, we know the importance of a talented "gamer." We want to elevate the men and women who play video games, just as the world elevates those men and women who play traditional sports. If esports is something that you're passionate about, we encourage you to keep reading!

Different levels of players

These are people who play once and a while. Various skill levels. Various titles

These are people that are somewhere in between

These are people who are top 2,000 in their specific game titles







Talent management

Are you top 2,000 in your video game title? Have you always wanted to play video games professionally? Then we want to represent you. 

Want to become a Fenworks brand representative?

Not quite at professional level, but want to work towards your goal? We are always welcoming brand representatives here at Fenworks!

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