Fenworks’ drone program introduces the foundation of drone operation. This instruction includes a deep understanding of drone systems, drone repair, and safety management. The program is designed to bring 0-hour operators to fully fledged F.P.V. drone racers and a self-sustained pilot. Fenworks content features analytical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making while improving students’ skill and knowledge. 


With competition being a crucial aspect of drone racing, Fenworks facilitates a seasonal state drone race. Students can test their piloting skills against other schools in the program through safe and friendly competition. More information about the state competition will be coming soon! 


Fenworks drone program provides an all-inclusive kit to run a safe and successful season. All kit contents have undergone testing for durability, safety, and ease of use. Each school will be provided with all the necessary equipment for each drone, training and racing materials, as well as repair parts to service the drones. 


Fenworks creates a safe and inclusive environment for like-minded students to connect, test skills, and compete. Studies prove that students who are involved in an activity that interests them create stronger connections and develop a more diverse community. 


The importance of safety within the unmanned field of aviation has always been the highest priority for educators and institutions. Reinforcing safe operation of drones within school programs instills an impactful aspect early in the student’s journey and progression. This is just one area for expansion of the many opportunities provided by this field of interest.

Real Life Application

With unmanned systems being one of the fastest growing fields in aviation and STEM, developing early skills within the field offers direct correlation to future career opportunities. Agriculture analysis, photography, emergency services, and wildlife management are just a few examples of the various applications where drone education can be applied.

Teaches STEM Concepts

Learning about drones fosters an environment with students that encourages ingenuity, curiosity, and critical thinking. Fenworks’ drone program allows students to experience the world of unmanned systems. This program easily correlates with STEM concepts through drone operation, development of systems, and analytics that are all key aspects in the unmanned field.

Career Focus

The drone industry is a rapidly growing field with new opportunities becoming available every year. The Fenworks drone program creates accessibility to this industry and a solid foundation to achieve your goals and dreams.

$80,000 = Average UAS operator salary 40 jobs per 100,000 people in ND

51% Industry Growth predicted over the next 5 years

100,000 new UAS jobs by 2025


Noah Johnson

Noah has been actively competing in everything from school sports to professional esports his entire life. He has always been interested in everything from RC cars to drones ever since he got one for Christmas as a kid. Since then, he has always had a drone nearby and even used them for photography and videography. Noah is currently pursuing a minor in UAS and a major in Communications.

Mark Hartlaub

Mark has felt a pull towards aviation and unmanned systems from a young age. He remembers getting his first RC helicopter at age 7. Since, he has owned more drones than he can count. He is currently double majoring in Commercial Aviation and Unmanned Aerial Systems at UND. He is passionate about the development of drone programming to support students that have a similar interest and desire for getting involved in aviation.