Esports is much more than sitting down and playing video games. It’s a social activity that brings students together with common interests and creates a tight-knit, inclusive community. Here are just a few of the reasons we believe esports are beneficial.

Inclusive Environment

Esports is accessible to anyone with a gaming device and an internet connection, fostering an environment that does not discriminate against any social demographic. Esports is adaptable to any player’s preferences and doesn’t face the challenges associated with traditional sports. Players can access most game titles from any gaming system, allowing players to interact across platforms. There is a role for anyone who wants to get involved in esports.

Teaches STEM Concepts

Esports exposes its participants to an abundance of STEM-related skills and topics applicable to career opportunities. The creation of video games is heavily reliant on computer science and graphic rendering processes. Esports relies on technology and the products of software development which are vital pillars of STEM. In-game, players utilize statistics, math, and asset allocation concepts on the fly to form winning strategies. Post-game, players analyze statistics to understand their performance and look for ways to improve their gameplay.

Get Students Involved

Many students are not engaged in any after-school activities. Schools have the opportunity to offer a new avenue for many students to become more connected through esports. Our survey data has concluded that many students are interested in joining an esports community where they can meet new friends and build relationships with their peers. Studies show that students who feel more connected to their school tend to have an increase of academic achievements such as higher grades, higher test scores, and better attendance.

Build Teamwork Skills

Most esports games are team-oriented; whether three members, five members, or more are required to make a team. Concepts including precise team play and strategy are utilized to win games. Teams will find collaborative solutions in varying situations through active communication.

College Scholarships

Colleges have recently begun to offer partial to full-ride scholarships for esports. Like traditional sports, if a student excels in a game, they may be offered a scholarship to play at the collegiate level. Esports opens new pathways for obtaining a higher education.