Students want esports!

Your students could be at the 2022-2023 Esports State Tournament!

    • 97% of students say they really enjoyed the Fenworks state tournament
    • 95% of students would recommend the Fenworks program to their friends
    • 88% of students said they made new friends during the Fenworks season
    • 95% of students said they plan on returning to the Fenworks program

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    Benefits of Esports

    Inclusive Environment

    Esports is accessible to anyone with a gaming device and an internet connection, fostering an environment that does not discriminate against any social demographic.

    Teaches STEM Content

    Esports relies on technology and the products of software development which are vital pillars of STEM.

    Builds Teamwork Skills

    Most esports games are team-oriented. Teams find collaborative solutions in varying situations through active communication.

    College Scholarships

    When a student excels in a game, they may be offered a scholarship to play at the collegiate level. Esports opens new pathways for obtaining a higher education.

    Here's what other schools are saying...

    "We don't have to understand how esports works and how video games work to know it's important to them. And that they're practicing leadership and communication."
    Tiffany Schroeer | Executive Director at Empowering Kids
    Play Video
    Play Video
    "We could see what we were getting with Fenworks. We could see their commitment to an educational role and experience for the students."
    Erin Anderson | Perham Activities Director
    "Technology is their thing for most of our kids. Being a part of a team is huge. It's not just about playing video games it's about learning about technology and all of the things that go along with technology."
    Christi Stoll | General Manager at Empowering Kids
    "Fenworks is just great. It's really remarkable what they do."
    Jaxon Pickrain | Gamer
    "We appreciate the opportunity to have Fenworks in our school and be regional instead of across the country. It's a positive thing that I see growing for us."
    Terry Baesler | Principal Hillsboro High

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