About Us​

Fenworks is named after a wolf, originating from Norse mythology, named Fenrir Sulfr. The story of Fenrir is an ever-growing power who is destined to consume all. This story can be compared to the technological advances of our day and age. Fenworks was formed to embolden anyone and everyone to engage with technology sustainably. This engagement and understanding of technology enables the user to choose to never be consumed by it. 

Our Mission

The Fenworks focus is to create the things we would have loved to have when we were kids.

Our Team

Kaleb Dschaak

Chief Executive Officer | Founder
Favorite Game: Leage of Legends

Lane Oian

Vice President
Favorite Game: Mario Cart

Molly Hane

Chief Operating Officer
Favorite Game: Animal Crossing

Robert Whiting

Chief Financial Officer
Favorite Game: Madden NFL

Gannon Karsky

Chief Sales Officer
Favorite Game: Solitaire

Carter Anderson

Esports Director
Favorite Game: Gears of War

Brendan Watson

Media Director
Favorite Game: Super Smash Bros.

Josh Bitterman

Esports Program Coordinator
Favorite Game: Devil May Cry 3

Grace Wagner

Chief Sales Officer
Favorite Game: Wii Fishing

Brenden Swanson

Production Director
Favorite Game: Valorant

Mark Hartlaub

Drone Specialist
Favorite Game: Chess

Noah Johnson

Drone Specialist
Favorite Game: Smite

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