What is esports?

Esports can be easily defined as competitive video gaming, either professionally or at an amateur level. While this is the correct definition of the esports ecosystem in a holistic sense, it does not truthfully describe what esports means to us here at Fenworks. To us, esports is an opportunity. It is an opportunity for school administrators to engage new students, an opportunity for students to make new friends, and an opportunity for the esports ecosystem to grow in a healthy manner. Additionally, it provides students who have an interest in this activity (which is traditionally viewed as an isolating hobby) with the opportunity for a pro-social, safe environment to enjoy.

What does Fenworks do?

Fenworks strives to offer every school a technology education program to enrich the students’ educational experience in a personable way. We provide high schools and middle schools across the region with a comprehensive esports program that consists of curriculum, competition, and coaching.

Do video games bring out aggressive or violent behavior in youth?

Many studies have thoroughly debunked the prevalent stigma that video games make kids more aggressive, violent, or prone to violent behavior than kids that do not play video games. You can read more in these peer-reviewed, scientific studies from Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Communication, and The Royal Society Publishing.

How does an esports program benefit my child?

Esports boosts inclusion in a demographic that traditionally has been excluded from social participation. It also helps more kids feel included and supported by their peers and schools in something they too love. In addition to inclusion, students involved in esports have been found to achieve better grades, increase school attendance scores, and develop critical thinking skills.

Who are the coaches interacting with my child  in the Fenworks program?

Fenworks coaches are professional, paid instructors who vary from educational content instructors to expert-level coaches. All Fenworks employees are background tested, CVIC Green Dot Certified, Certified, and complete additional professional development as required. 

Do students/parents have to pay for each individual game title that students will be playing in the program?

No, Fenworks strives to select popular game titles that are free-to-play and cross-platform so that our program is as accessible to students as possible. Of the seven titles we offer, only two require interested students to purchase their own copy of the game—these are Minecraft and Overwatch. 

Is this safe? How can I be sure that my child is not being exposed to predators, data leaks, bullying, etc.?

Yes. Fenworks is working with the students’ schools to maintain a safe environment. The ecosystem is monitored and moderated by our coaches, with any inappropriate behavior being directly reported to schools. Fenworks also intentionally uses software's that do not sell student data, keeps student last names truncated, and ensures that all users into the ecosystem are vetted and checked with schools to ensure that we know each user is exactly who they say they are.

Do I have to supply my own equipment/what is needed?

All you will need to participate in the Fenworks program is a gaming console like and Xbox or PlayStation or you can use a computer that can run the desired games. You will also need to have access to a device that can run Discord, this can be a smartphone, a computer, or a tablet.

What is the time commitment? Is this going to interfere with other activities, education, etc. Is there homework?

Fenworks wants to emphasize the importance of education and other student activities and has no intention of poaching students from these other activities. Fenworks creates a flexible program with the intention of working around other commitments, no punishments will be enforced for missing session times, content is posted in a video format so that it can be consumed on a later date, and students are given flexible times to complete their competitive matches. Fenworks will not prescribe homework and will work with schools to have the same GPA and academic participating expectations as the schools they are from.

When is this season?

The preseason will begin on December 6th, 2021 and will last until the start of the regualr season beginning January 3rd, 2022 and will conclude with a state tournament tentatively on the weekend of April 2nd, 2022.

Is it at home or in school?

Students can choose! If a school has a dedicated area that is permitted to be used for the Fenworks program, students may play from school. If a school does not have these resources, or a student prefers to participate out of school, no problem! Students can use their own home setups, as long as they’re able to use Discord and participate.

Is the Fenworks program school-affiliated?

Fenworks is an independent company that partners with schools to provide esports in as an extracurricular activity. We hope to provide esports in the same way that schools provide any other traditional sports and activities, such as speech, theatre, soccer, swimming, football, and basketball.

Why would I pay for my child to play video games? What services are being provided for my money and how does it benefit my child”

The Fenworks program provides students with numerous benefits that are not available to them otherwise. These benefits include the following: -Professional-grade coaching in six independent game titles -Access to game and STEM-related content -State-level competition -A safe ecosystem with other likeminded students -Opportunities for students to earn scholarships and grants

How do I pay my child’s student fee for the Fenworks program?

All student fees for the Fenworks program will be handled by the individual schools. The fee will be paid in the same way that all other activities fees are paid. If students have any questions, they should reach out to their school finance office for more information.