Kid tested, school approved

Overall Program

76% of students gave the Fenworks program a 10/10, 14% of students gave the program a 9/10. and 10% of students gave it an 8/10

Educational Content

97% of students said they had a positive experience with our unique educational content.

Coaching Staff

87% of students in our program ranked their coaches a 10/10 on performance, skill, and ability to teach.


Our fall programs are based around our in-home curriculum. We focus on education, player growth, and friendships.



After the fall programs, our winter competitive program will kick off! 


Educational, practice 


Our Spring programs are structured a lot like our fall programs. We analyze the winter season, tweak our curriculum to match, and we start improving for next season!

Why Fenworks?

Okay- so now you know a little more about what we do and how we do it, but what makes Fenworks different from the other guys? Well, besides our charm, we have designed our program with YOU in mind. You're not a client to us. You're family. We want your kids to learn and grow from our program, not just play video games.

With that being said, there are three things that our programs include to ensure that you and your program are going to be successful. 


Is hiring a coach one of the reasons that you're hesitant to start an esports program? No worries- Fenworks has you covered. With one of our programs, you will receive an appointed coach to teach your kiddos everything that you need to know!


On top of a talented coach, we provide each program with unique curriculum. This curriculum was developed in-house by our talented staff. It was also field tested during our 2021 pilot programs. Surveys from students proved to yield great results!


Data collection is our favorite feature! One of the most important aspects of our programs is that we are giving students the best experiences possible. That's why we conduct a series of surveys throughout the semester to see how we can improve!