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Fenworks school programs follow three distinct pillars: Curriculum, Competition, and Coaching. Each pillar is designed to make school's work more simple while providing the most fun to students.


Fenworks, a accredited company, offers professional video gaming and educational curriculum to introduce students to new skills and career paths. The video gaming content features critical thinking, teamplay, and problem solving all while improving their skills. Our educational content teaches students wellness, basic computer science, digital media production, and more. Topics are selected to give students skills they can utilize in the future.

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Fenworks facilitates local competitions and scrimmages between schools for a chance to attend a state championship. Skill-based matchmaking is used to ensure equally skilled competitors for competitive and engaging matches. We work with the state to ensure no scheduling interferences. 

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Fenworks provides video game coaching services throughout the duration of the program. Coaches are sourced from the top 5% to .01% of players in their respective titles. They can perform 1-on-1 gameplay analysis or review whole team gameplay.